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Published Wed, 21 Oct 2020
Our Jewellery Cleaning Guide

We want your Meadowlark pieces to stand the test of time and with love and care, they are designed to last forever.

We’re often asked how to clean Meadowlark jewellery, so we’ve written some simple instructions for a few ways you can clean your jewellery at home.

To clean your gold and silver jewellery we recommend using warm water and a mild soap. Soak your pieces for a few minutes to loosen any dirt and then, using a soft toothbrush, gently clean any small details. After your piece has been washed, dry your jewellery thoroughly before wearing again or storing to prevent water marks or tarnishing.

Our second method for cleaning cannot be used on any pieces that have gemstones, pearls or gold plating;
Soda crystals are available to buy from the supermarket, sprinkle these generously on a layer of tin foil, in a tray. Then lay your jewellery on the crystals and pour boiling water on them.
Then watch the dirt lift off the metal - you may need to repeat this a few times if it’s been a while since your jewellery has been cleaned.

We also recommend having a polishing cloth on hand to keep your jewellery looking its best. This can be a calming activity, and pays off when you see how much your jewellery changes in appearance after a thorough polish!
(not for gold plating though)

A couple of things to note:

Stones like morganite require regular fortnightly cleaning and care to keep them looking their best.

For pearls, do not use a toothbrush to clean as they are very porous and this will cause damage and for string pearls, don't get these wet as the string will degrade.

Head over to our care instructions page for more detailed cleaning instructions

We’ve also just released a Meadowlark Foam cleaner, super easy to use and very effective although we don’t recommend this for gold plated pieces. Shop the foam cleaner online here

You can get in touch with any of our Customer Service Team for advice on specific pieces you own. Plus, you are always welcome to pop by our Showroom or send your Meadowlark pieces to us for cleaning free of charge.