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Published Wed, 14 Oct 2020
Meadowlark x Babelogue

Long-time friends - Claire Hammon, Meadowlark’s designer and creative director and Charlotte Rust, a vintage collector and business owner of Babelogue, share a love for exceptional design, in all its forms.

Their collaboration came together as an evolution of past shared projects and a desire to create something special that felt both enduring and of the moment.

Cue ‘Venus’, an understated yet opulent set of adornments, featuring earrings and a necklace in 9ct gold, sterling silver or gold plating.

Drawing on the iconic Classical Greek sculpture the Venus de Milo, the luxe set nods to timeless design, powerful femininity and eternal elegance.

“The Venus head was Charlotte’s idea - it’s sort of a Babelogue signature” says Claire. “She always has classical busts in the store, and a Venus permanently ornamenting the cafe.”

“We considered also drawing on other iconic Babelogue objects for further pieces, but in the end it felt right to work solely with Venus.”

Thought to have been created around 100BC and rediscovered in 1820, the marble sculpture of the Greek goddess of love and beauty, whose captivating beauty and grace has resonated through centuries, now rests in the Louvre in Paris, and is one of the most beloved and recognised works of art in the world.

Part of an ongoing series of creative collaborations connected to the Babelogue store (Claire also creates tiny hand-cast brass bowls and incense holders), the collection will be available at Babelogue and via Meadowlark’s online store.