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Published Wed, 24 Jun 2020
Your June Birthstone is Pearl

Stone: Pearl
Birthstone: Month of June
Country of Origin: China, Australia, Phillipines, Indonesia.

About Pearl: Pearls are the only gemstones created by living creatures. They are produced within the soft tissue of a living shell mollusk and are composed of calcium carbonate deposited in concentric layers, called nacre.

They occur in a wide variety of natural shapes and shades. Depending on the size and type of pearl, it can take between 2-6 years to grow. The natural colour of a cultured freshwater pearl can vary between pink, apricot and lavender and are often treated to enhance the colour. Colours can also depend on the colour of the host mollusk.

What is the meaning of Pearl? Pearls have long been associated with honesty, purity and innocence. For thousands of years, they have been coveted as a symbol of wisdom, wealth and status and are the traditional gift for 30th wedding anniversaries.

What is the history of Pearl? In Ancient Greece, pearls were believed to be the teardrops of the gods and Ancient Chinese believed they were carried by dragons, representing wisdom and power. The oldest known pearl jewellery was discovered in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess who passed in 520 BC.

In the 1910s, Mikimoto Kōkichi was the first person to commercially produce round cultured pearls, entering the market after WWII when American troops brought these back from Japan.

Learn more about the history of pearls here.

What is the provenance/traceability of Pearl? Our freshwater cultured pearls are cultivated in lakes and ponds in China, which is the leading source for freshwater cultured pearls in the world. We are working with suppliers to gain information on the environmental impact, ethical working practices and water usage.

Caring for Pearls: Pearls are a soft gem and require special care. We recommend storing them separately from other jewellery to prevent scratching. Always apply perfume, hair products and cosmetics before putting on your pearl jewellery.

As our necklaces and bracelets are strung on silk thread, never wear or submerge these in water as the thread will weaken and stretch.

The best way to clean your pearls is with a soft, damp cloth after each wear.

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