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Published Fri, 03 Jul 2020
Obsessions Claire Hammon

Claire is the creative director and designer of Meadowlark (alongside Greg), she runs the direction of the business, the jewellery designs and everything visual as well as marketing. Her job is all encompassing, yet she always has her eyes open and effortlessly stays ahead of the curve.

We recently asked Claire about what she is obsessed with...

I’m obsessed with listening to?

Right now so many albums, Sharon Van Etten, FKA Twigs, Claire Laffut and Neneh Cherry

I’m obsessed with creating?

Beautiful spaces - Our showroom is my baby, over a long period of time I have added my dream furniture pieces.
And meaningful jewellery - now more than ever I feel a strong pull to make jewellery with significant meanings. Because jewellery is so close to our bodies and becomes a part of us, I am designing more and more intimate pieces.

I’m obsessed with going to?

I'm writing this while in lockdown so currently I am loving going nowhere. Before lockdown I was obsessed with seeing as much of the world as I possibly can so the answer would have been EVERYWHERE!

I’m obsessed with reading?

The Four Agreements is my go to over and over - especially when I don't feel on top of things in my life. It puts everything in perspective and almost is a reset for me.

I’m obsessed with the art of?

Miro! I actually wasn’t a fan until I visited an exhibition in the south of France and realised I love his work. A collection we will be releasing late 2020 is inspired by my visits to France during 2019.

I’m obsessed with the photography of?

Maxime Ballesteros

I’m obsessed with the design of?

I’m obsessed with so many designers in many fields I just can't name one - Charlotte Perriand, Ettore Sottsass, Luis Barragán, Le Corbusier, Crosby Studios, Max Lamb. And of course Jacquemus and Phoebe Philo! Where is she? This is a very restrained list!

I’m obsessed with wearing?

All our fob styles, especially the anklets and Fob necklace and also a chain full of charms I collect along my journey, including a special Ursa & Love amulet.

I’m obsessed with helping / doing my part in?

Composting! I try not to preach about it to much but it's a really huge help to the planet and I want everyone to do it.

I’m also obsessed with...

Design and visuals. My entire life has been devoted to design and art and always will be, it's important for me to be surrounded by beauty. Which is probably why I also have an obsession with shoes and handbags!