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Published Sun, 29 Oct 2023
The Story of Bows

Claire and Greg's wedding bands.

The first drop of the Wonderland collection was inspired by a romantic pave bow on our Creative Director Claire's wedding band, handmade by husband and co-founder Greg, 15 years ago.

Discover the story of bows – our inspiration and bows we love in art and life.

The Bow Ring and Bow Ring Pave.

The Bow and Loop Ring Pave, designed to pair charmingly together.

Each bow is perfectly imperfect, a little finishing touch on a gift... and the gift is you!

“I have always loved bows – they are associated with marriage and symbolic of affection, being bound and finishing touches. I also love them, simply because they are really cute and fun,” says Creative Director, Claire.

Here are a few bows we love in art & life:

Discover our bow designs online here and in the showroom. Glittering, joyful and full of romance x