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Published Sun, 12 Nov 2023
The Making of the Bubble Glass

Our new Bubble Glass designs exemplify our love of pushing and playing with the limits of creative tension.

Each piece of glass is handmade in Tauranga, New Zealand.

A new medium for Meadowlark, we spent some time testing colours and shapes with our maker in Tauranga.

We first selected colours from an array of glass rods (which, once melted down don't always look like the colour of the original rod)! They were then heated and melted around a steel rod, turning to form the spherical shape. The little dots are blobbed on during this process.

It's hot work! With each Bubble Glass piece made by hand, in three sizes for our Bubble Glass Hoops Medium, Signature Hoops and Necklace.

Inspired by our Anemone designs, a textural glass orb is suspended from cord and hoops, floating against the body like its own little planet.

Discover our Bubble Glass designs online and in the showroom. Fizzy and magical x