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Published Fri, 29 Jan 2021

Amour is a vintage-inspired assortment of jewels with a hint of french nostalgia and charm.

The collection is born from the idea of what a piece of jewellery can represent. Almost like a tattoo, jewellery is a special marker in time with an emotional attachment.

Claire and Greg had a desire to create a collection that was centred around this feeling, a special, irreplaceable, sentimental feeling, that is everlasting.

Meadowlark Jewellery is intended to last forever, often given as a gift of love, affection or adoration. Amour is about all of these things, about traditions new and old, about love through generations, about self love, about being in love, about love for all and about the warm memories associated with a special piece of jewellery.

Love hearts punctuate Amour, the universal symbol of love. The Camille story is a manifestation of this, the Camille pieces feature a puffy heart motif.

Other particularly notable inclusions within Amour are a covetable new selection of fluid form Claude rings, designed to be worn together or individually, with or without a sparkling oval stone; while delicate Anchor chain necklaces, bracelets and anklets are a subtle addition, designed to be worn alongside the motif inspired Amour pieces, while also being a new additions to the timeless Essentials collection.

All pieces are intended to be passed down through generations, evident in the Maman and Amour pendants, which are a nod to the tradition of ‘mothers jewellery’, treasured keepsakes, etched with tiny hearts or flowers, set with a precious stone, the French words for mother and love/affection delicately engraved.

“We wanted to create pieces that touched on nostalgic feelings, ones that embodied a true sense of love, tiny artworks” says Claire. “Beauty that is worn close holds a sense of personal connection - these are pieces that will, over time, imbue memories and the experiences of the wearer. There’s something incredibly special about eventually passing that down or inheriting it."

Launching in time for two calendar dates that are all about sharing love - Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day - this collection can be gifted to yourself or another.

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