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Published Sun, 10 Sep 2023
Types of Settings

Every Meadowlark ring is made-to-order by our team of talented jewellers at the studio in Tamaki Makarau Auckland.

A setting describes the way gemstones are set, or mounted into a piece of jewellery. Each setting emphasises the beauty of the central stone or stones. Read on to learn about the types of settings featured in our Meadowlark designs.

Claw Set
Also called a prong setting, claws are bent over the stone to securely hold it in place. This type of setting allows maximum light to pass through the stone.

Our Signature Ring designs are claw set featuring a modern decorative setting with star-like graphic lines inspired by our original Meadowlark insignia.

Pavé & Bead Set
Pavé is derived from the French word, 'to pave' and is when the surface of a band or halo (border surrounding a central stone) is covered with small diamonds. Held in place with beads (balls of metal), the diamonds are set in a continuous line.

Traditionally stones are positioned in three lines of small diamonds in a honeycomb pattern, as seen in our Halo Band Triple Pavé. At Meadowlark, we use the term pavé to describe both single rows of bead set diamonds (as seen in our iconic Hex Engagement Ring), as well as 3 rows or more.

The pavé setting adds extra sparkle to an engagement ring, illuminating the central stone.

French Pavé & Fishtail Set
At Meadowlark, we use our own hybrid design of a fishtail and scallop setting in our Arizona and Venus styles. Similar to the continuous lines of diamonds in a pavé setting, a scallop setting features delicate claws shared across each stone to form a scalloped shape when viewed from the side. Whilst a fishtail setting features low set diamonds finished with delicate fishtail-shaped cuts in the metal.

Bezel Set
A bezel setting describes a metal edge that wraps around a stone, as seen in our Cosmo and Wave designs. It is stronger and more secure than a claw setting however does not let as much light through the stone.

Swiss Setting
Also known as a flush setting or rub over, the stone sits flush with the metal as seen in our Claude and Mini Claude Ring. During the setting process, a small amount of metal is pushed over the edge of the stone to hold it securely in place.

Star Set
A star set stone is held in place by beads, similar to a pavé setting but with small points cut into the metal to create a star around the diamond. As seen in our Remi Signet Ring and Diamond Star Band designs.

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