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Published Tue, 21 Dec 2021
Store Tour

We opened our store in 2017, to showcase our work, an intimate space to browse your favourite pieces while being enveloped in our world.

Tucked away on the corner of Newton road and Chapman street, look for the red doors and you’ll enter into Meadowlark’s world. Our store not only houses our beautiful jewellery but it also is home to our Creative Designer’s art and design collections, pieces that have been sourced especially for our space.

Read through below to learn about the pieces of art and design we have in the store.

Mirror - Ultrafragola by Ettore Sottsass
The famous mirror which is the frame for many mirror selfies from those who visit us. Designed by Ettore Sottsass (14 sept 1917 – 31 dec 2007) who was an iconic figure in design history, an italian designer and architect during the Memphis design movement, known for bright colours and statement pieces. His body of work came in many forms; furniture, jewellery, glass, lighting, buildings and interiors.

Ultrafragola means strawberry and with it’s waves and curves, suggests long wavy hair. It was designed in 1970 as part of the Mobili Grigi series of complete bedroom and living room furnishings and after years of searching, we sourced and imported this mirror from Italy. We are so happy to now house it in our store.

Display Cabinet by USM Haller
USM Modular Furniture is a renowned Swiss manufacturer of modular furniture for the home and office which is widely celebrated as a design classic and is even included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art. Our Creative Designer Claire has always loved the USM system and wasn’t aware this could work as a jewellery display until stumbling across a glass top display cabinet while on holiday in Los Angeles at The Line store, it’s the perfect solution for us.

Counter by Den Holm
Den Holm is a design brand by maker and artist Steven John Clark, based in Melbourne making one of a kind sculptures and pieces of furniture. His preferred medium is in Australian limestone and his pieces are known for their focus on texture and form, free from traditional craftsmanship or restrictions.

Den Holm is a designer Claire has admired for a long while and the counter in the store was a custom piece he created especially for us. We like how it works both functionally and aesthetically for the space.

Artwork by Emma Mcintyre
Emma Mcintyre is a New Zealand born, Los Angeles based artist who makes abstract paintings. What we loved about the piece ‘Brown’ that we have in the store is how she used her body to paint the canvas, similar to the performance art of Yves Klein which inspired some of our Paradis collection. If you look up close at the artwork you can see the criss-cross of her fishnet tights, making patterns that look almost like netting across the canvas.

Artwork by Gab Stoddard
We first discovered Gab Stoddard’s work on display at the Penny Sage studio. We were enchanted by the gentle, beautiful pieces and love her use of sheer fabrics and how they stretch across the canvas. Gab is a multidisciplinary artist, however in the past few years has been primarily working with printmaking and photography. We previously interviewed Gab about her practice for our journal, learn more about her and her work here.

Ekstrom chair by Terge Ekstrom
The black chair in our store is a vintage chair from the 1980s by a Norwegian designer and pioneer of norwegian postmodernism. The chair was designed in 1972 for design company Stokke and used in Star Trek: Voyager episode “caretaker”. Although unusual in shape, the Ekstrom chair is super comfortable and supportive to sit on, we invite you to come by and try it for yourself!

We’d love to host you in our space. If you’re in Auckland, visit us at 5 Newton Road, Grey Lynn.

We can’t wait to see you x