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Published Sun, 27 Feb 2022
New additions to Meadowlark x Babelogue

Building on one of Meadowlark's most-loved recent collections, new pieces join our coveted collaboration between Claire and Charlotte Rust of Auckland vintage furniture store, Babelogue.

Long-time friends - Claire Hammon, Meadowlark’s designer and creative director and Charlotte Rust, a vintage collector and owner of Babelogue, share a love for exceptional design, in all its forms.

Drawing on classical Greek sculpture, including the Venus de Milo - this collection sees the addition of an elegantly shaped Grecian jug, delicately sculpted ⁠foot and hand, as well as the initial Venus bust - a nod to timeless design, powerful femininity and eternal elegance.⁠

A favourite of Charlotte and Claire's, the hand - the ultimate tool, represents strength and power, generosity and lending a hand.

"Aristotle said, 'the hand is the tool of tools.'⁠ Hands convey strength and weakness, care and cruelty, creation and destruction. We feed ourselves using our hands, express joy and anxiety, greet and farewell with our hands.⁠ They bare the most outward signs of hard work and are indeed the most incredible tool," says Charlotte.

Inspired by ancient sculptural human forms - the foot, says Claire “is meaningful in many spiritual practices, symbolising freedom, respect and subservience," whilst the jug, “an object that has existed for centuries, is a symbol of good luck and wellbeing.”

Explore the collection of charm pendants and earrings, available in-store at Babelogue and via our Meadowlark online store and Showroom.