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Published Thu, 09 Apr 2020
Mexico City Travel Guide

It was great to just wander around and look at the architecture of the Condesa area & stores in Juarez suburbs and beyond.

Of course it’s a given to do a few of the most famous spots but there are some really cool local places if you look hard enough.

Where are your top places to go?

The Teotichuan Pyramids
Frida Khalos’ house

What are your top places to eat or get coffee?

Cicatrez, this was a really nice vibe, great food and it felt like you were surrounded by other creatives. So good we kept going back.
Loose Blues next door is also worth a visit

What are your top things to see?

Luis Barragan Casa & Studio. We went to three of his houses and this was the highlight, you must book before you arrive.
If you do have time it’s worth seeing as many as you can, the details are beautiful and his play on light is inspiring.

My favourite thing was the cars driving around playing a chant asking for old fridges and mattresses. The sounds of Mexico are wonderful.

Give us your top 3 tips!

1. Book all visits in advance

2. Learn some Spanish before you arrive!

3. Be aware you usually can’t flush toilet paper down the toilets, even in really nice restaurants.

& your top 3 recommendations!

1. Eat at Rosettea & Elly’s

2. Art at Machete Gallery

3. Buy Records at La Roma Records