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Published Thu, 02 Sep 2021
Marking Milestones

The most important milestones in life are traditionally marked by gifts of jewellery.

Early in human history, ancient Egyptians were among the first civilisations to practice the tradition of gift giving. “Gifts were given to the pharaohs on their coronation day, which was considered their ‘birth’ day because they were believed to have transformed into Gods and started a new life, making this occasion more important than their actual birthdays. They were also given gifts when they built massive pyramids for their afterlife”.

Jewellery is designed to last forever which makes the act of gifting jewellery such a meaningful and personal experience. Designed to be worn by you, becoming a part of you, it eventually becomes a family heirloom, passed down through generations, always holding special significance.

Although the monetary value of jewellery is often high, this isn’t always the reason for the devastation that comes with losing a piece of jewellery. Holding those memories and sentiments from when it was given to you, and memories made while wearing it can make a piece of jewellery irreplaceable.

At Meadowlark we are honoured to play a part in celebrating or commemorating a special moment or milestone in your life, whether it’s your engagement, graduation, an achievement, special birthday or moment in your life, we design beautiful works of art that are made with love in our atelier and destined to last a lifetime and beyond.

Although we believe every piece from the Meadowlark collection would make a meaningful gift, we’ve curated an edit of extra special pieces that are perfect for marking milestones.

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