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Published Thu, 24 Sep 2020

Introducing Lucien. A collection of intricate amulet pieces designed to ‘watch over the wearer’, inspired by our designer’s creative pilgrimage to France in 2019.

While visiting Paris last year, our designer Claire was captivated by the Baroque style, ornate eye motifs incorporated into the beautiful street lamps designed by Henri Alfred Jacquement, which stand guard outside the Palais Garnier, one of Paris’ most exquisite buildings.

There is an animal like quality to the face on the front of the ships, which decorate those lamps. It brings to mind the influence nature has always held over human superstition.

The eye has been a symbol of protection for centuries in many cultures from Egyptian and Greek to Roman and Turkish. This timeless and powerful motif is featured in many of the Lucien designs

After Paris, Claire travelled to the south of France and was brought face to face with the work of a personal hero. At the tiny Chapelle de Saint-Pierre des Pecheurs, the extraordinary interior and exterior murals are painted by Jean Cocteau. His work also features eye motifs, something that has inspired our designers since the beginning.

Claire also visited the beautiful Foundation Maeght, a mid century museum designed by Josep Lluis Sert. During this visit Claire stumbled across a collection of Jean Miro sculptures and was instantly enamoured. The Miro pieces in the Lucien collection were created as an ode to Jean Miro, a more playful and contemporary take on Lucien’s talismanic mood.

Upon her return home, Claire and Greg digested her creative discoveries and all the photos taken over the course of the trip. From here they continued the creative process of designing and creating the inspiring Lucien collection.

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