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Published Sun, 30 Apr 2023
How to Use a Ring Sizing Tool

Every Meadowlark ring is proudly made-to-order, especially for you in our Auckland atelier. If you are unsure of your size, our Ring Sizing Tool will help you measure your size at home and ensure you select the right fit when ordering your special piece.

We use the US numerical sizing system, however if you are familiar with the UK alphabetical system, you can find our conversion chart here. We also work in quarter sizing, so if you are in-between sizes let us know by email and we can arrange the perfect fit for you.


Step 1: The ring sizer works like a belt. Simply wrap it around your finger, threading the pointed end through the opening in the plastic buckle.

Step 2: Pull it until it fits snugly but is still removable from your chosen finger and over your knuckles with a little effort. It should fit how you would like your ring to fit.

Step 3: The black arrow will point to the size you require, which will be shown at the very edge of the opening. The notches between the numbers are half sizes. Note down your ring size and order your dream ring!

Watch our video tutorial here and shop our full range of rings here x