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Published Thu, 09 Apr 2020
Gloria Part 1

The first release of a two-part offering from Meadowlark, Gloria is a collection encompassing intricately detailed amulets and opulent oversized or delicate seed pearls.

Inclusive of signet rings and pendants etched with meaningful symbols - some picked out with blue, pink or white sapphires, others weighted with glossy freshwater pearl drops, and an exquisitely simple eternity band studded with dazzling sapphires - Gloria carries power in its deeply personal emblems.

Elaborately etched roses (for love), lightning bolts (for strength) and doves (for inner peace) can be further personalised with single precious gems or sparkling pave borders.

The Amulet pearl drops are a mismatched pair, one featuring a rose, the other a dove.

An ultra deluxe take on beachy strings of tiny beads, the Micropearl set - featuring bracelet, anklet and necklace - are strung with tiny, radiant seed pearls for the ultimate in understated, laidback luxury.

The introduction of an anklet is a nod both to ancient times - the ankle adornment has been worn across the centuries as a symbol of femininity - and to a new age.

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